Modern Style For Living Room

Modern style for living room offers a fresh, inviting look that can suit almost any space. The key is to start with a bold focal point, whether it’s a wall-mounted TV or a statement artwork, and build your design from there. Keep the layout simple to keep things open and airy, and incorporate plenty of seating options for family and friends. Then layer in the details like an eye-catching area rug, a curated selection of books and a few indoor plants to add color and interest.

A warm neutral palette of white, tan, brown, terra cotta and gray-blue is a classic choice for modern living rooms. Its clean, crisp appeal can be enlivened with pops of on-trend paint colors or living room wallpaper ideas that play with scale and pattern. The result is a fresh, updated look that’s still classic and timeless.

If your modern living room ideas call for a less-is-more design scheme, limit the number of colors and focus on those that work well together. In this contemporary space from Fantastic Frank, a Beni Ourain area rug in black and gray plays off the neutral backdrop while remaining light and airy, as do the simple carved wood furniture pieces and wall hanging. A mounted scenic photo and a few tall houseplants bring a touch of warmth and personality to the space.

To make a small room feel bigger, hang curtains that draw the eye up and open up your space. Use mirrors and glass tables to reflect the sunlight throughout the room, too. In this modern living room from Brexton Cole Interiors, white walls and clean-lined furnishings create a spacious layout that feels crisp and welcoming. A modern sectional and curved ottomans lend comfort to this tight space, while a round high-pile area rug and a variety of rounded decor elements from coffee table to pendant light help balance the scale of the open floor plan.

If you have an open concept layout, consider a sliding partition that can be closed to separate the living room from the dining area when needed. This semi-open solution from Louis Duncan-He Designs allows you to close off the living room while preserving the open feel of your kitchen. In this modern living room, the natural tones of the wood dining table and woven chairs blend with the soft shades of the sofa to create a cohesive look.

Framed color photos and a few houseplants can elevate a pass through wall into a stylishly modern feature. Here, a simple gallery wall of colorful beach photos is modernized by the addition of a bamboo plant and a tall vase filled with pampas grass. The result is a casual living room that speaks to the space’s coastal setting without feeling overly decorated.

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